Adidas's senior VP of global brand strategy, breaks down why th

  • adidas nmd soldes This cultural success is also reflected in Adidas's numbers: Adidas’s overall sneaker sales jumped an eye-popping 80% in 2016, according to retail tracker NPD Group, while its stock price has jumped 67% in the past year alone. Meanwhile, Nike's stock dropped by 3% over the same period, even if it is still by far the bigger brand, generating $30 billion of revenue globally in 2015 to Adidas's $19 billion. and they're running faster than ever towards the Swoosh's throne. So, the question is: how did they do it? What changed at their HQ in Herzogenaurach, Germany that reinvigorated their brand?

    adidas nmd pas cher And how much has Kanye West's ultra-hyped line of sneakers really helped the brand, anyway? We spoke to a man inside the machine—Arthur Hoeld, the company's senior VP of global brand strategy—about how Adidas went from sleeping giant to the hottest brand in sneakers right now. We have to go back to 2014, where under new leadership we drastically started to look at the set up of our brands and given ourselves a new operating model called "Brand Leadership" which has made us totally consumer-centric. We've re-organized our product structures and product propositions in terms of what we bring to market.

    adidas nmd primeknit soldes We have started to establish general manager units that are focused on certain sports categories or style areas, and have also started to dramatically change our product offerings in terms of new running silhouettes and innovation, and in terms of football, and in terms of Originals. Originals has been re-energized, not just for Adidas, but for the entire market. Things like classic, white leather sneakers were preliminary for our re-introduction into the market, and things like the Superstar in 2015 as well. But at the same time, we're not just bringing back classics.

    adidas nmd primeknit pas cher We've changed what Originals used to be and brought it into the future. We love the success we have in fashion and streetwear, but the foundation of Adidas will always be in sports. We are working hard to make sure that we catch up other markets to the level we see in Europe and Asia as the leading sportswear brand, and it's our main focus in the United States. It starts with things like basketball and American football, but also certainly includes soccer. With UltraBoost we have the best and most recognizable running sneaker in the market right now, and now we have taken Boost.