Adidas was the only brand in sports that had a very strong conn

  • adidas schuhe online When you look back through history, Adidas was the only brand in sports that had a very strong connection to culture. In the '80s, it was with Run-D.M.C. and Madonna, and we were the first brand back in the early 2000s to launch these intense collaborations with fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Yohji Yamamoto with Y-3. We've always been a brand that has been looking at outside partners to collaborate with. And not just on projects, but on long-term partnerships. We call it our "open source approach," and it's a key strategy leading up to 2020. We are open to influencers.

    adidas schuhe sale They're groundbreaking, not just for our industry, but how kids are looking at brands. We have two advantages. We're more authentically connected to culture. That's not a new strategy. We've always been linked to categories outside sports. We didn't have to enforce that. And the second thing is how we open ourselves up, and how we experiment. We give people the freedom to have a creative discussion about what Adidas could look like. We are engaging with other viewpoints on the brand and invite strong conversations. Other brands don't do that. It's always good to open yourself up and have conversations with people from different industry.

    adidas schuhe sale damen We are extremely happy with the partnership we've had with Kanye, and you see that we've extended that with a major announcement last summer that we are to continue that partnership. Kanye West is a massive influence on culture across the globe, not just in the U.S. but across the globe. His viewpoint on the world has a massive resonance. We challenged ourselves with Kanye to re-interpret how music and design can shape the future of Adidas. It's a very open relationship, and it's had a certain impact.

    adidas schuhe sale heren Of course over the period of our partnership there will be part of the collection that is more democratic, more affordable, and will reach a wider distribution. We are actively working with Kanye on that, but I can't disclose the timing or scope of it. But rest assured that the limited quantities we've seen over the past few years will be more significant drops coming in the future. We determine our own strategy. We have a very firm opinion on what the future of Adidas will be. Having said that, of course we are in a competitive environment. We are aware of what our competition is doing, not just Nike but other brands as well.