Visit Hanoi Vietnam

  • Stroll around Hanoi old quarter at night, go round the shore of the lake, looking at the ngoc son temple from far along the lake, the Huc bridge red curved like the shrimp is lit the lights are fanciful, not far away you will encounter a street or referred to with the name "city without sleep" - City Barbell Is. Travelers who book and stay at hotels in Ha Noi will get a Ha Noi very different, different strokes pensively, profound, inherent, everything here seems to be "not sleeping", a vibrant, bustling, seemingly imbues in each of the tiled pavement, every nook and cranny on the city. You will be stunned for a forest people, We're confused, interwoven, noodles, Titus, drink beer at the toad on the pavement in an atmosphere of hubbub, the smell of barbecue aroma tactic complex spread throughout the whole street. Perhaps the shooting angle is the most preferred by many is standing on the road right before the center, the vision can encompass all buildings, this luxury, or walk on the road pavement immediately before the center, next to the wall, white paint above, is the lamp light shine down picture has a warm color, shimmering, hard to describe. With the advantage of architecture from ancient time, the ancient trees, and the roads in the campus tree-lined golden leaves in late autumn will be the most attractive locations for those who have beautiful memories and want to record the important mark of life.

    Source: Du Lich