Chloe Madeley strips off for oiled-up shoot chemise lingerie in

  • PH chemise lingerie SMOKIN' HOT: Chloe Madeley has been showing off her incredible gym-honed body

    The blonde bombshell has shown her fans plus size garter belt a glimpse behind the scenes of some of her gruelling work out sessions.

    Chloe, 28, can be seen showing off her washboard fashion dresses abs and strong toned legs in some seriously sexy snaps.

    In one pose, xxfddgsrsfde the hottie shows off her amazing body while wearing a bondage style gym outfit that we're pretty certain could be doubled as lingerie. Chloe Madeley sexy abs Fitness babe Chloe Madeley shows off her toned body on social media and on the beach. 

    INSTAGRAM plus size garter belt PERT BEHIND: Chloe was more than happy to show off the results of her hard work in the gym

    The top half of her ensemble fashion dresses pushed her cleavage together, which we're sure her fans were pleased to see.

    She took to Instagram to share the pictures with her 73,000 followers, where she is is all greased up and posing for the racy snaps.

    The fitness bunny posed on gym apparatus in one snap, having her hair styled.

    INSTAGRAM FITNESS BUNNY: We can't get over how amazing Chloe's body

    While in another, she straddled a workout bench, pushing her pert behind out, gazing out in front of her.

    She also shared a snap showing off her muscular physique and even cut her head off the shot to ensure her body was the focus.

    Chloe wrote alongside the snap: "Finally got rid of the extra 2lbs water #weight I gained over the last few days haha. Was a little worried about that yesterday.

    "Manipulating hydration definitely works for me in the last few days before a shoot, but it's absolutely my least favourite part of the entire process.

    INSTAGRAM TONED: The blonde bombshell dressed down for the sexy shoot .BrightcoveExperience 

    "If you ever do it, you'll suddenly understand what everyone is banging on about when they talk about proper hydration.

    "The moral of the story is this: DRINK F

    WATER. Not soda. Not booze. Not juice. Not squash. WATER. AND A S


    Chloe recently launch her 15 Minute Fat Loss Workout app, and despite following a long line of celebs who have released workout DVDs and supplements, she insists hers is not fake, unlike some others.

    She told the Daily Express: "Someone said to me recently 'why don't you do what this girl does?' and quoted a fitness model - get all your hair and make-up done and wear a tiny lycra sports bra and shorts and go into the gym and film yourself lifting weights.

    "But, I'm like 'because it's not fg real!' I don't want people thinking that's normal to go into the gym with false eyelashes, bent over on all fours."