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Our site : Activated charcoal toothpaste is a natural treatment used to remove toxins and chemicals that are present on the surface of your teeth. It works by adsorbing small microscopic particles to help remove small spots that cause unwanted discoloration to your teeth. Aside from helping to remove stains from coffee, wine, and cigarettes, activated charcoal powder can also help with bad breath and help maintain good oral health. My Album : More Photos :

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Brushing teeth with charcoal
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Does brushing teeth with charcoal really work? My teeth seemed to be somewhat whiter and brighter. A few people would comment--knowing that I was testing out the charcoal toothpaste-- that my teeth seemed whiter—even after having breakfast and drinking coffee. As far as breath—there was no discernable difference. I, personally, didn’t notice any difference and no one commented—so at least my breath didn’t get worse!
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